We are the Gobles And Raise sheep in central Utah . We wanted to show people our operation, and explain the benefits of sheep and grazing.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here's a look around our operation and what goes on durring lambing season.

The barn is enclosed on all sides except the openings on the east side. All Ewes that have not lambed have access to this barn. There are also 50 jugs in this barn where the newborn lambs go for the first couple days, like Matt explained.

This barn in enclosed on three sides and opened faced on the east side. The pens are under the barn. each pen has a self water trough set up so the ewes and lambs have access to water at all times.

All of the other ewes and lambs have access to a barn or other shelters. we like to get the sheep on green feed as soon as we can to help the lambs grow better.

 Aimee's Bummers


I raise the bummer lambs.(In this top picture Matt is helping).Usually a bummer comes to me when the mother has triplets and cannot raise the third lamb, but a ewe can also not claim her lamb and not take care of it, so I get to! Another reason could be that the mother for some reason has died but that doesn't happen very often. We try to graft the lambs on to another ewe if it is possible so we don't have to raise them as bummers. When the bummers come to me I usually start out bottle feeding them so they can get used to the rubber nipples and keep track of them better and make sure they are doing good. Usually after a couple of days the lamb will watch the others and figure the bucket out itself because it wants to do what the other lambs are doing. After that my job is pretty easy I just mix the milk and put it into the buckets so the lambs have food whenever they want it. Raising them that way helps them grow better so they don't get a pot belly like if you feed them with a bottle.